Burgon & Ball Dag & Hoof Farmer Pack

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Burgon and Ball Farmers Pack Dag & Hoof Shears - Dagging & Hoof Shears Pack
The Burgon & Ball Dag & Hoof Farmer Pack contains two essentials for keeping healthy sheep and alpacas.
This pack represents exceptional value for money, giving a substantial saving on purchasing the two items individually
 3.5" Single Bow Dagging/Trimming Shears: Excellent shear for dagging, trimming and tidying.
Single Bow design gives stiffer squeeze with greater resistance to blade separation.
Supersharp Foot Shears: Invaluable compact foot shears that have been highly acclaimed by farmers and shepherds during field tests.

The high-carbon steel blades are heat treated to cut hard hooves cleanly.
Easy action, single handed locking device.
Coated blades minimise rust. Convenient wrist loop. Handy size and lightweight for daily carrying.

Pack: 3.5" Single Bow Dagging/Trimming Shears and Supersharp Foot Shears