Leovet Phaser Durative Gel 500ml

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Leovet Power Phaser is the Ultimate Protection against all biting and non biting flies, Horse Flies and Ticks.

It is a new generation of fly repellent which has been tried and tested for 5 years before being brought out onto the market.  It is a premium German brand that specialises in horse care products. 

The Power Phaser fly repellent is what has made Leovet famous in the UK as it is outstanding in its ability to repel almost every flying insect that may irritate and bite your horse. The gel offers seven hours of protection, even after rolling, moving around and even sweating during this period. 

The optimised blend of active ingredients guarantees stay-off effect and long lasting effectiveness. T

he product is well known for its all round protection from midges, black flies, horse flies, mosquitoes and all other kinds of biting and non-biting flying insects. 

Protect your horse in the best way possible with Leovet Power Phaser, giving 7 hours protection even if your horse sweats.  

Comes with easy applicator sponge