Shearwell SDL440S EID Stick Reader

£660.00 (Inc. Vat)
£550.00 (Ex. Vat)
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One person with the Shearwell Stick Reader can quickly and accurately identify the electronic IDs of your livestock.

In a pen, in a race or out in the field, simply point, scan, record and store the data – up to 16,000 animals and up to 26 management groups.

The Stick Reader is rugged, and built for a hard day’s work out on the farm. It has easy, single-button operation and a large display. And when you’re done, just transfer the data wirelessly over to your office computer or even to your mobile.

What’s included with every Stick Reader:

• Shearwell Stick Reader (SDL440S)
• 4 x AA rechargeable battery pack
• AA battery charger
• 240V adaptor cable for charger
• 12V adaptor cable for charger
• Downloadable PC & Mac management software
• Android™ & iPhone® Apps available