Express Alios Gas Calf Dehorner With Gas And Steel Box

£162.00 (Inc. Vat)
£135.00 (Ex. Vat)
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The Alios calf dehorner is the latest addition of Express Farming.

 It comes in a metal case for storage with its gas cartridge and reversible purlin, with a 17 or 19 mm tip. 

You also have a spare injector and a hexagonal key (integrated in the dehorner).

 It weighs 740 grams, including the cartridge.

The Alios dehorner is used to dehorn cattle up to four weeks of age. 

With a power of 350 W, it reaches its maximum temperature of 600° in less than two minutes.

 You need less than 2 minutes per horn and its gas cartridge gives you an autonomy of about two hours depending on the outside weather conditions and use